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Fuel pump wiring diagram Opel Monterey. Isuzu Bighorn UBS73GW 4JX1 №630218

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I also found your method useful. Thanks!
Flea, but this is the topic, I have 99, sometimes I squeeze the clutch and feel the effort, and the gears are like a watch, and sometimes the pedal is like milk... I took off the box, the fork is in order, the karzina is also normal! Guys, tell me the reason! The ears on the squeeze are also normal...
Zorik Kunevich
I didn't like a lot of unnecessary chatter
Hoping for something in this same problem)
Tell me m 51 is not afraid of bulk if not overheated?
The same bullshit..when you disassemble the motor
And from the second side, so that the sleeve is not pressed into the silent block?
Like a woman ... at the crossroads, with advice... In addition, it is not clear how BMW repair differs from WW or KIA repair fundamentally, because the owner is a sucker and a fat man?
let's have more of the educational side of the question, and so definitely like
Galyusya Pashanina
.. all the videos on YouTube are like people ... with these shitty cars... vaz.. gas... groove.. uaz..gazelle..and so on at the very vaz 07itoje ... this is our share who has no money hello everyone
Kulinichev Ilmir
Isopropyl alcohol needs to be cleaned, not water. it is possible on the radio markets. This is an indispensable tool for cleaning phone boards that have fallen into the water. You can also have an ultrasound bath. Pour isopropyl, put the board and turn it on. She 'll clean everything herself , even inside
Great! Your video helped! Thanks!
Ha carbon monoxide man like you
Beautiful, easy, simple and accessible to everyone!!! Like!!!
if yaga began to soar his brains on electrics, then this is all tryndets... the Anglo-Saxons themselves do not undertake repairs ...
friends!help nissan almera tino 2002,1 8 petrol.the other day I was driving myself (the speed is somewhere 90) and then the hop) the car stalled abruptly, attempts to start it were crowned with the landing of the battery (even there were no flashes).I was advised to change the dpkv. I bought a new one and put it on the crankshaft.I didn't start the car.decided to put (removed from the crankshaft)the sensor on the camshaft.the car started with a half-start.everything went fine, started a result, I went for 50 km.on the way, the gas runs out, I switch to benz, drive about 6 km, and bam the car stalled.I start (barely with the gas squeezed into the floor started, simultaneously shooting at the silencer)I'm on the gas (so that it wouldn't stall)I drove about 2 km .along the way, she began to blunt and blunt more and more.I came to the parking lot to my friends and she died.I tried to drive the starter (not getting carried away)they shot the shaft in the didn't those that dig?where to dig?is it really a camshaft sensor?Jackie Chan didn't burn
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